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Get the best of flow meters, level meters and more at industrial rates!
About Us

Our company, K K Accurate Flow Technology, is a flow measurement instruments industry leader. Flow controllers and meters for process measurement applications using different flow technologies are designed and manufactured by our firm. We provide flow process solutions alongside process optimization in cost, environmental effect, and safety. Chemical, beverage, food, energy, power, metal, gas, oil, wastewater, water, pulp, paper, pharmaceutical, aerospace, atomic power, and various other sectors rely on us to offer precision and dependability.

We have offered to the market various unique and inventive design flow measuring products that answer genuine issues, based on our many years of expertise. Actively operating in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality flow monitoring equipment. Flow Indicator Meter, Level Meter, PH Electrode, ORP Meter, Air Flow Meter, Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meter, and other products we provide. The offered products are made from high-quality materials according to industry standards.

Why Prefer Us?

  • In the instrumentation sector, a well-known manufacturer and supplier.
  • For our customers, we need a corporation with reputable, leading brands.
  • We are the recommended provider of Process management
  • K K Accurate Flow Technology is a fantastic place to work.

Our Mission

R&D is the most important tool for providing technical innovation and ensuring its long-term viability and expansion.

Our Vision

By creating creative, cost-effective, and sustainable technology, we will be able to meet the demands of customers across all industries and be a full instrumentation solution supplier of Flow Indicator Meters, PH Electrodes, Air Flow Meters, and more.

Our Instrumentation Knowledge 

We recognize that each application is unique; we will comprehend needs and assist clients in selecting the best products for their application while staying within their budget, based on our practical know-how and experience in instrumentation across various sectors.

Our Customer Service Dedication

We are devoted to providing timely and appropriate responses to any inquiries and the finest technical support for Level Meter, ORP Meter, Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meter, and other instruments as a dependent firm, which will continue after the product installation and order.

Our Fortitude

Our research and development capabilities, alongside in-house production capabilities, have made us a powerful competitor in bespoke instrumentation. We are well-equipped with qualified labor, in-house R&D expertise, and modern manufacturing techniques.

Our Quality Policy

We pledge to expand our company to better serve our clients by providing innovative, dependable, and cost-effective process control instruments on time. It is accomplished by rigorous R&D and continuous improvement in our processes, quality management system, and people, all in compliance with the Industry Standards.
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